Guatemalan "No Worry Dolls" Christmas Ornaments - "Achievement"

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According to the Mayan legend in the holy book Popol Vuh , Mayan gods came together to create the world. Still, their attempt to create humanity did not bear fruit.

" "The first men built them of stone, but tough as they were, they couldn't move. In the second attempt, they tried it with mud, but with the first rain, the beings fell apart". Then they exclaimed: "Let them be made of corn!" And that is how Ixmucané, the Grandmother goddess of that grain, appeared to create Mayan men and women."

Now it is Grandmother Ixmucané herself who has given rise to a new legend. It comes in the form of tiny dolls called "Worry Dolls" (also called trouble dolls; in Spanish " Muñeca Quitapena ").

The curious myth says that if someone is concerned, one whispers into one of these dolls, which will act as a listener and support, and then places it under their pillow. By the morning, they will gift them with wisdom and knowledge to overcome their sorrows.

Some people claim that they will also solve the problem, thus turning them into an amulet.
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