“No Worry” Christmas Dolls Ornaments

The most charismatic Christmas details of your little tree! At Etzbal, we created these “No Worry Ornaments” to decorate your Christmas tree, so that they are a nice reminder of everything we’ve been through in 2020 and, despite the hardships, we have more reasons to be grateful. We hope that these dolls can reach many homes, reminding them that for every pain, there is always a new opportunity!


The Mayan legend in the holy book Popol Vuh tells that when their gods came together to form the world, their attempt to create humanity did not bear fruit. “The first men built them of stone, but hard as they could not move. In the second attempt they tried it with mud, but with the first rain the beings fell apart ”. Then they exclaimed: “Let them be made of corn!” And so it was that Ixmucané, the Grandmother goddess of that grain, appeared to create Mayan men and women. Now it is Grandmother Ixmucané herself who has given rise to a new legend. This comes in the form of tiny dolls called “barely removable dolls.” The curious myth says that, if someone has a concern, just tell one of these dolls, which act as a listener and support, and then place it under their pillow. The doll will be in charge of solving, alleviating or looking for a clearer way to solve the sorrows, taking charge of her worry, preventing it from taking away sleep by waking up with abundant peace. Some people go further and claim that they will also solve the problem, thus turning them into an amulet.

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