Who We Are

Etzbal is a proud Guatemalan company, founded with the purpose of integrating our rich cultural and traditional weaving heritage with the current trends and tendencies of the fashion world. This fusion allows us to place a variety of bags and accessories on the market that are not only original and ever changing pieces, but also completely affordable!

Our products are handmade by Guatemalan artisans, whose experience in handling pure leather, suede and textiles make for incredibly professional finishes once combined with our fabrics. The pillars of our community are our female artisans, who’ve inherited decades’ worth of knowledge in the art of weaving on a backstrap or foot loom. This tradition has been proudly handed down from generation to generation within family groups of artisans. We also have the honor of working with Guatemalan Artists that work with us creating images that blend our traditional culture with the modern life, which is a perfect combination to explain our culture.

We acquire our traditional huipiles and typical textiles from various sectors of the country, and work alongside cooperatives and communities to help this ancient art form go beyond our borders. The uniqueness of every woven fabric and original weaving techniques of every artisan make for creative designs that are rich in cultural history and innovation. This fusion, combined with our artisans’ professional finishes is what allows our handmade products to be competitive in a market that demands superb quality at an accessible price.

What We Do

As a company, we’re extremely proud of our roots and therefore aim to help this ancestral art form transcend borders. We aspire to be a source of work for families and organizations that want their masterpieces to be appreciated in the modern world. Our objective is to share our traditions through the design and development of contemporary products that enhance our rich cultural patrimony.

Etzbal History

In August of 2014, two Guatemalan entrepreneurs with the desire to be a source of employment for an underserved sector of the population created a joint venture. This journey began with a line of home decor products, which were displayed and cleverly adorned with handmade products from Guatemala. The attention these creative and unique products drew was what eventually turned our clientele’s interest to the handmade works of art our Guatemalan artisans create.

In seeking the necessary resources for this new endeavor, we crossed paths with an extremely knowledgeable advisor in the creation and assemblage of bags and accessories. This changed the course of our business for the better! Thanks to Luigi Morello, our most cherished mentor, we were able to develop new products, explore various techniques and play around with different materials.

We currently work with a number of associations and groups of family artisans in the more rural areas of the country. We handpick each and every single textile to be worked on by our artisans, who have the raw materials (leather, ironworks, etc.) to assemble the unique handmade products that we proudly offer today. We’ve seen firsthand the joy this kind of work brings to many Guatemalans, and vow to keep introducing our immense cultural background and competitive nature to the world.

Why We Do It

We strive to be a company within the fashion world that is inspired by their ancestral heritage and can fuse them with the latest trends in the most unique and original ways. Our purpose is to contribute to the development of our country by providing our artisans in underprivileged areas with work and training opportunities in hopes of contributing to their personal growth and economic stability.