See-through Vinyl Fabric & Leather Large Tote Bag “Red Sand Big and Small”


This practical transparent bag adapts to any occasion by combining transparent plastic with leather details. Set of two bags, one large and small, ideal for you.

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Our Red Sand is ideal for beautiful vacations accompanied by a smaller one so that the two bags are perfect combinations for you. 

This transparent bag is practical and adapts to any occasion. We combine transparent plastic with leather details to fuse simplicity with elegance. It opens and closes with a magnetic clasp revealing an organic maguey fiber pouch for your essentials. Additionally, on the side you will find a nice leather accessory.

Part of the collaborative collection “Danza Legendaria”, presented at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Show 2019

Additional information

Weight 23.5 oz
Dimensions 15.5 × 47 × 32.5 cm


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