Fine Leather & Crimson Velvet Travel Bag “Baggage Claim”


A large double-function travel case handmade in Guatemala with velvet, leather, and textile details. It was created for the Danza Legendaria collection and presented at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Show 2019.

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Our Baggage Claim is ideal for short or long trips thanks to its versatility as a backpack or briefcase. Its robust straps and soft velvet makes it elegant at the same time. It is crafted with premium leather, fine velvet, and Guatemalan fabric accents. The zipper along its body allows it to open fully like a suitcase. In addition, it contains two zipper bags and a leather belt to fit your items inside. Perfect for those quick vacations without losing style.
Part of the collaborative “Danza Legendaria” collection, presented at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Show 2019.

Additional information

Weight 43.6 oz
Dimensions 37 × 18 × 44.5 cm


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