It means Deity of the Sun, offering or payment. It is the fire, it is the spirit of our Ajaw (God), Heart of Heaven and Heart of Earth. The raindrop, communication principle of high life. It is a suitable day to offer. This day gives us a leveling off with the supreme divinity to judge us with benevolence. It also reconciles us with life and gives hope.

People born on this day bring a special force that puts them in front of many people. Their job is to pay the Creator for others, they are good intermediaries with our Creator. In this life they suffer earrings that they bring from past lives, this force is responsible for when things do not go well for them. So do not despair, understand that it is not fatality but fate that takes its toll on them.

They need to control their impulsiveness and control their character, especially to learn not to impose their will, as this will lead to problems in life. In general, they are great intermediaries when it comes to spirituality, there are many spiritual guides under this sign. They have vast experience leading people, so they easily achieve leadership.

This Nahual is like a ruler before this sign, so communication with fire is easy, as one of the four basic elements in nature. Light candles so as not to pay in your own flesh for the help that they request for others. This sign allows you to help others and remember that charity begins at home. You have to learn a little about this, always within your own spiritual tradition, offer candles to the Creator in the creed that he respects. For personal offerings it is desirable to make them at least every 20 days.

The attraction that these people exert is strong, as they emanate an energy that gives confidence. It will be a good guide because the natives of Toj, possess strength and spiritual light that emanate in homes, families, towns, and so on. They are strong, respectful, they like to pay to level with justice. They have wealth, fertile energy, a moldable character. It is our belief that if they do not offer with fire or candles for themselves, they will have health, personal and family problems.

This sign is warm and therefore magnetic, sensitive and has a lot of energy, which it must know how to channel, otherwise it will waste it uselessly. There are great athletes born in Toj.

Although she has to pay for him and others, his sign brings protection and an intense life, full of emotions but also trials. They tend to be very complicated and seem to attract doom, if not overcome they will become fatalistic. They are the lamp of the street and the darkness of your house.

They are emotional, hard-working, strong-willed, responsible, very fertile, victims of amorous passions, they are home-loving. They are concise and make quick decisions, somewhat impulsive, so it is good for them to take their time before deciding. They can become extremely jealous and proud. Their temperament keeps them going. They need company for all their businesses.

Positive aspects of Toj

People of great virtues, they accumulate a lot of information, good farmers, of fertile energy. They have a moldable character. They are strong and respectful. They come to possess material goods for this they need to work because these are not given away. They are strong in the face of life’s challenges. They can be strengthened in many aspects of life. They achieve the energy of Father Sun. They are methodical and like to help. They know how to listen and their advice is quite correct.

Unfavorable aspects of Toj

They can have a bad temper and are short-sighted. Restless and sick people. They tend to infidelity. They are mentally unstable. They are at risk of accident. They suffer from problems and obstacles in life. They can destroy their own home. Short-lived, possessive, destructive, proud and vain. They tend to betray those who reach out to them. They use their knowledge to feed their ego. They always want to be right, they are manipulative, they are fearful and they live in someone’s shadow. Sometimes they can be unlucky in love.


Researchers, psychologists, scientists, mathematicians, architects or engineers. Professionals from the social sciences, professors, counselors and spiritual guides. Musicians, painters.

Body parts it governs

Ears and seminal energy


Fire, earth and mushrooms

Energetic places

The beach and the big rocks


Red and white

Related signs

Toj, I’x, Kawoq, K’at

These signs give a true complement and harmony, with them the best unions are given both in love and in business. They are friends for life.

Harmonic signs

Toj, Aj, No’j, Imox, Kan

With these signs there is a good relationship without being intimate. You hardly have a shock with them. Sometimes there are good friendships or lasting romantic relationships.