Collection of hadmade pieces brinding to as many people as possible the Mayan cosmovision and the nahuales that make up the mayan calendar.

The Nahuales are represented by a series of glyphs that, and for a person who has no knowledge of this culture, cannot understand them. The objective of this collection is that with images that are familiar to most, we can share the benefits and challenges that each one of us has had since the day we were born, and likewise, we can identify with this beautiful Cosmovision through these innovative designs.

The Mayan Calendar has 260 days consisting of 20 Nahuales and 13 energies, each Nahual has a different meaning and energy. It is here where the Mayan Cosmovision teaches us that each person is born with a differently, and how we can take advantage of it in the best way.

Information and reading of the meaning of the nahuales, comes from the Bibliographic Source Ch’umilal Wuj Book of Destiny – Carlos Barrios


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