People born with this sign are conceived on the day Kej and their destiny sign is Aq’ab’al. They are merchants, businessmen and artists. They are cheerful, friendly, kind, friendly and intuitive. They are lucky in money and in love. They manage to establish themselves in a good social position, sophisticated, eccentric, they are well received in all social strata, achieving popularity and good friendships.

Very good strategists, they are the power behind the throne. They create high expectations, giving the feeling of being able to solve everything, which if they put their minds to it, they could. They can drop everything in a minute. Being the ficklest sign, they get bored when they feel that they are running out of a topic, the same thing happens with their friends, to whom they can return later. In love it is a very lucky sign because it was born to be loved, it can easily get entangled in low passions. You like to live with intensity, after which you need new sources of inspiration. His weakness is flattery.

They were not born to have bosses. If they are pressured they run away, they need space and freedom. Generally, their energies are more alive when the Sun is declining and at night, so they tend to be perfect bohemians. Life for them is a party. They are variable and left, they solve everything at the last minute. They have extraordinary mental agility.

They are good Ajq’ij’ (Mayan spiritual guides), they develop distance vision, have extraordinary intuition and receive revelations through dreams.


They are kind, they handle invisible forces, they are visionaries and communicative. Some possess great spiritual strength. They act intelligently for their purposes. They are good communicators, have a wide vocabulary and express themselves easily. They have great ingenuity, they are mystical, detached, cheerful. They transmit the sacred words. His predictions are correct. They enjoy the protection of our Ajaw.


Very angry, unfulfilled and forgetful. Sometimes they act forcing the situation. They can be stubborn, vicious, ambitious, envious, playful, arrogant, lazy, spendthrift, weak, proud, talkative, exaggerated, irresponsible, vindictive, wasting money, liars, and unfaithful.


They are poets, sculptors, painters, seers, scientists, merchants, great diplomats, good intermediaries, psychologists, counselors.




Eagle, condor, quetzal, vulture and butterfly


Mountains, lakes, mist, snow, highland forests.


Blue, light blue and white.


Tz’ikin, Ajpu, Kan, Tz’i’.

These signs give you a true complementation and harmony, with them the best unions are given, both in love and in business or work. Friends will be for life.


Tz’ikin, B’atz’, Kawoq, Aq’ab’al, Kej.

These signs are the ones with whom you can maintain a good relationship without being intimate, you are trustworthy and you hardly have a clash with them. Sometimes there are good friendships or lasting love relationships.