People born in E are conceived on the day K’at. Their destiny sign is Ajpu. Those born in E are leaders, diplomats, seasoned in the art of conversation. They know a little about everything, experts in politics. They are always respected and fit into any regime. They are obedient, travelers, good guides, determined, successful merchants. Strong, determined, they share their wealth with the community. They are very creative with their own initiative, natural leaders. Great storytellers, good speakers and great storytellers. They like history.

They are very noble people, especially with children and with the new generations. They like to share their experiences; they have a renewing internal fire. Possessing great understanding, they are tolerant.

Deep down they are very sensitive people, so they like to surround themselves with art objects. With dedication they also become great artists. They show a genuine affection for their neighbor, they are very kind.

Those born in E like to be recognized for the favors they do. They are restless spirit need to move and travel. They accumulate wealth, just as they lose it, speculators, they continually change their minds, futurists, they are risky and adventurous. This sign is one of the most in love and at the same time lucky in love. They need several relationships throughout their lives, they are not exactly the most faithful people. Although if they are comfortable and are not harassed they do not need adventures outside the home, because this is where they feel most comfortable. They are generally good parents. Despite being very communicative, they are impenetrable. Deep down, they are covered in a shell, as they are vulnerable and distrustful.


They are generous, kind, determined, sincere, understanding, very cheerful and affectionate. If it is in their capacity, they do favors easily and immediately. They teach the good way to other people.

The K’at sign at conception instructs us about a life ruled by the previous ones, which is responsible for the entanglements and obstacles throughout life. This same energy will help you crystallize your purposes.

The energy of the Kame sign, in the right hemisphere, denotes an ancient soul with an inclination to the past, to the ancestral. It will be respected in older age. This gives you a lot of communication with other dimensions and with your ancestors. You are protected from death in accidents and diseases. This gives him a certainty of life that makes him take risks. It is surrounded by a halo of mystery and acquires great magnetism.

Tijax in the left hemisphere, tells us that he can tear the veils of secret knowledge, his energy protects him from deceivers. This energy tells him when to withdraw in a negative situation. The Tijax sign makes it blunt when making decisions, which can be impulsive.

In older age, with the energy of the Ajpu, he finds certainty and rest in his life, since in the previous stages there is a lot of agitation, emotions and trips. This energy gives you security and stability. In other words, he manages to overcome the obstacles and tests that life provides him.

Ajpu is the destiny sign that tells us that he will be a good trader and intermediary. His people skills and neatness inspire confidence, as does his positive attitude.

His protection is the distance, the mystery of the paths, the energy of his Nawal. The double-edged knife, half is positive and the other is negative, it is up to you to find the balance for the use of this force.

In Mayan mythology the E is the second step of creation. That is to say, it is creative action, the infinite path of time that finds a space for manifestation.

The image is the natural achievement to achieve balance, harmony. It gives a deep spirituality to those born in this sign.

It is destiny, the path of life. By their nature, there are great walkers of the sacred, great facilitators and bringers of news born with this sign. This gives them a special gift to understand all art related to divination. They must surround themselves with the feminine energy that exalts them, and in the case of women with the masculine energy, with whom they will find real friendships.

The approach to other cultures gives you vast information. In general, he is not a prophet in his land, life holds a better life for him outside the place of his birth.

They ask our Ajaw for guidance for other people, good community guides (K’amol B’ey). They thank our Ajaw for helping people achieve what they need, great intermediaries in every way. They always see positive opportunities.


They can fight ideologically against their enemies. They lend themselves to distort positive human acts and facts. They can envy a person with goods. They are prone to serious illness, unreliable, and manipulative. they use any strategy to get what they want. They are talkative, liars, tend to infidelity, jealous and selective.


It is the best day to start a business or negotiations. Special day to sign contracts. It is great sponsors of trips, whether short or long. A very good day for communication, especially abroad, to hear from loved ones who live outside the community or the country.


Merchants, advisors, communication creatives. Good administrators and mathematicians. Intermediaries, foreign business representatives, sellers, real estate brokers, art and antiques brokers. Philosophers, psychologists, humanists, good cooks.


soles of feet and legs




Mountains, cold earth forests and rivers.


white and light blue


E, No’j, Iq’, Kej

These are the signs with which there is a true complementation. With these signs there are the best unions both in love and in business, as well as friends that last for a lifetime.


E, Ajmaq, Ajpu, K’at, Q’anil

These are the signs with which there is a good relationship, without being intimate and there is hardly a clash between them. Sometimes there are lasting friendships or love relationships.