People born in Ajmaq are conceived before the sign Q’anil and their destiny sign is K’at.

They may be Mayan doctors. They have hope of a long life and are in good health. They are analytical, cunning, quiet and shrewd.

Mak are the so-called seven shames. Wuqub’Qak’ix-: pride, ambition, lie, crime, ingratitude, ignorance and envy.

The Ajmaq has the virtue of going slowly through life and reaching its goals. They are strong-willed and quick to anger. Although they have the duality of curiosity and prudence, it is not difficult to see them trapped in vices. Impenetrable in its essence, open and frontal. The Ajmaq like to be honest, although they blame others. They have a special talent for getting along with everyone. They possess the ability to keep their secrets without being discovered. Deep down they feel insecure. The energy of sib’, which means the candle, according to the Yucatecan tradition, was created on this day and means the inner light, the divine spark in the Infinite interior of our body.

Ajmaq’s energy makes those born with this sign sensitive, sensitive and can enter into depression. His biggest struggle is accepting the faults of others. Fortunately, they normally have a long life that allows them to learn to accept other approaches and ways of considering life. They can become drastic and get caught up in religious fundamentalism. They are very sweet and shrewd to fall in love. They have many and long love relationships in life.


They have the courage to solve problems. They are defenders of their People, they act prudently, talented to relate to any type of person, they dominate the cosmic force. The Ajmaq are analytical, they recognize the acts they perform. They are guided by the elders (Grandmothers and Grandfathers) who have experience, plus their intelligence, strengthen them materially and spiritually.


For their negative behavior they tend to blame other people. They can be delicate, undisciplined, liars, jealous, irresponsible with a strong character. They probably have vices, cause problems at home and have infidelity in the couple.


It is the most propitious day to give and receive forgiveness, expiate our faults, avoid confrontations, to cure all kinds of diseases, to defend the dispossessed and justice on Earth. To harmonize with our Mother Earth.


Strategists, politicians, mathematicians, orators, doctors. They are also good at public relations, accountants, auditors, economists, lawyers and international jurists.


Genital organs and aura


Owl, bee and insects


Grottoes, caverns, streams and sea


Grey, black and white


Ajmaq, B’atz’, Imox, Kame

These are the signs with which there is a true complementation. They are the best unions and relationships both in business and in love. Friends and love will be eternal.


Ajmaq, E, Ajpu, K’at, Q’anil

These so-called complementary signs unite them with good energy and there is hardly any clash with them. Sometimes there are good friendships or love relationships that can become lasting.