Those born in Ajpu are wise and orators. They are good, kind, they are brave but variable, walkers, dancers and delicate. Intelligent, self-confident, romantic and dreamy. They have a futuristic vision. They possess goods and wealth. They are also very observant. They have the mission of guiding humanity, although they are clear, they are not measured to be right, so life will teach them to be humble. They are impositive and manipulative.

They are innate warriors, always ready to get their way. The ego is their biggest obstacle on their spiritual path and at the same time their Achilles heel with which they are handled.

The Ajpu came to shine, to give light, their job is to have the wisdom to transmit, not their idea of ​​truth, but the real spiritual light. They tend to dilute their energy and follow several paths at the same time, acting according to the stimuli that are presented to them. They have the ability to generate and manage the circle. In their social relationship, they are very selective in choosing their friends. They have a solar vision of life. They are a light and guide in moments of human crisis.

They know how to take advantage of their personality, which is actually their true fortune. As friends they are able to perform heroic acts to defend or support a close friend. They have a great need for their own space, but they hardly give space to others, because they want to shine everywhere.

They are romantic but practical in nature. In love they will have many relationships before settling down and later they realize that the opportunity and true love for a climb passed them.

They are good lovers, detailed, special, they cultivate a taste for good food, because for them it is a real art. As good artists they admire art and if they have the means they become collectors, they also like antiques.

Favorable aspects of Ajpu

They are spiritual defenders and warriors, they are great friends and companions. They are strategists, direct, clear and facilitators. They are also pioneers and innovators. They are the spirit of sunlight, clarifying axes of your family.

Unfavorable aspects of Ajpu

Taken advantage of others, they look for them to serve them. They are insecure, relationships are hard for them, they are introverts. They can commit cruel acts against other people. They are hunters of wild animals, very distrustful. They are too selective in their friendships, they do not trust others, very angry and blunt, resentful and sickly.

They avoid responsibilities, they do not accept corrections and they feel self-sufficient. To avoid these situations, it is advisable to offer to our Ajaw, our Creator and Maker, every twenty days.

Body parts it governs

The chest, breasts, eyes and lungs


The human being

Energetic places

The beach, the jungle, sunlight, sunrise and sunset.


Red, yellow and terracotta

Related signs

Ajpu, Tz’ikin, Kan, Tz’i’ These signs have a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love, at work and in business, which can last a lifetime.

harmonic signs

Ajpu, E, Ajmaq, K’at, Q’anil With these signs there is a good relationship without being deep or intimate. It is difficult to clash with them and sometimes there are good friendships or lasting love relationships.