People born on the day Aq’ab’al are begotten before the sign Tz’ikin. His destiny sign is B’atz’. They are cheerful, they have one foot in the past and one in the future. They have a special interest in history and a futuristic vision. They are young-looking people; they retain their youthful appearance. When they are young they show attitudes of mature people and when they are older, they show the attitudes of young people. Old age comes late.

They have power over darkness and negative forces, although in their duality they can get trapped in negative energy. They are a beacon of hope. The said lamp of the dark street of his house, fits them like a glove. They are strong, dynamic, creative and cunning. What they set out to achieve. They are spiritualists, devoted and charitable. They are calm, although their life has many changes, most of which are untimely.

They are the first ray of the Sun and genuinely try to help. They are good confidants, which does not prevent them from having their hidden part, their secrets are almost never revealed. They highly value their privacy and need their own time and space, if they don’t have it they lose interest and cancel their lives. They prefer to be the power behind the throne. They are realistic in the face of the situations that are presented to them in life, friendly and respected in their circle and family. They are calm despite the constant changes, they get frustrated when they don’t finish what they start, but once they decide to finish something they don’t back down. They have good luck in all activity and as if they were protected by an invisible force. They are truth seekers. If you work hard, you find the inner path that will give you the real answers to your life purpose.

They are passionate lovers, although extremists, they are usually very sweet or drastic. It is difficult for them to find their true partner and they are changing in that search for their soul mate. When they are young they are very much in love. Generally, they do not stand out in their place of origin. Elsewhere they will find fortune and success. They have great intelligence and if they study and are stimulated they are capable of carrying out almost impossible projects.

Favorable aspects of Aq’ab’al

 They are renewing, noble, magnetic and powerful. They are born leaders. They are strong against their enemies. They have courage and energy to solve problems. They do not hide things or ideas. They are responsible in marriage and very realistic about life. They stay young in spirit all the time. They always have new opportunities, which if they don’t come, they create them. When they define their purpose, they reach it even with many difficulties.

Unfavorable aspects of the Aq’ab’al

They have a certain tendency to infidelity. They live haunted by failures and suffering. It does not give up their economy. They have a difficult life and may end up in poverty. Prone to robbery and mugging and have tendencies to steal and hoard things themselves. Sometimes he suffers from diseases due to his own irresponsible acts. They tend not to tell the truth. They can foment enmity and be treacherous. They can fake their actions and feelings. Proud, arrogant, in order to achieve their goals, they destroy anyone who gets in their way. They want to be the center of attention of everything.


Senators, administrators, merchants, organizers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, writers, artists, historians and inventors.

Parts of the body that governs

Lungs, kidneys, stomach and intestines.


The bat and the macaw

 Energetic places

Caverns, valleys, sunrise and sunset.


Red, yellow, navy blue and orange

Related signs

Aq’ab’al, Aj, Tijax, Q’anil

With these signs it has a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs

Aq’ab’al, B’atz’, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Kej

With these signs you have a good relationship that without being deep or intimate, can be lasting. With them you can build good friendships or love relationships.