People born on the day Imox are begotten before the sign Aj and their destiny sign is Toj. Those born in Imox are homebodies, owners and guardians of houses. They are people who develop hypnotism. They are spiritual, sociable, strong of character, sensitive and receptive to seer vibrations.

Those who are born in this sign are often considered by others as different eccentrics, crazy, daring and unusual. They easily develop their gifts, especially intuition and revelations through dreams. His ideas and actions are pure. They adapt to situations as they come. Of course, they prefer comfort and pleasure to work and sacrifice. But even if they have these abilities, they are quite conservative and very structured minded.

Those born in Imox have a strong and dominant character, of which they are very proud. For them there are no middle terms, once they make a decision, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, they don’t back down. They can go into extreme states of happiness or depression, they feel that nobody understands them and they try to get attention all the time.

They are affectionate, in love, warm and romantic and they get involved in stormy relationships. They create love stories where they mix passions, dependency and madness. They are covered in a halo of mystery, which makes them enigmatic beings, which arouses more curiosity in their already charismatic and likeable personality.

Normally they are successful in the companies they undertake, lucky and protected especially by the opposite sex. They are involved in countless love affairs. From young people they attract older people and from older people they attract young people. They are the perfect freeloaders, although they like to do things for themselves, they manage to achieve a good social position. It is rare that they go through penalties because their economy is well favored.

In love they are quite lucky, they always find a partner according to their needs. It is not exactly the most faithful sign, although it is homely and good providers.

Favorable aspects of the Imox:

Those born in Imox develop intuition and are good advisers. They have a lot of mental agility. Captures of cosmic messages. Very lively in the acts of life. They are producers, creative and like to help others, especially those they consider their peers. They are seers and suffer other people’s pain.

They have a lot of fortune which they like to share, they care about the communal well-being. They can undertake crusades that for others are unimaginable. People born on this day can be spirit guides.

Unfavorable aspects of the Imox:

Undecided, insecure, doubtful, violent, disorderly, distrustful and dishonest. They get involved in their love relationships of which they can become dependent, jealous and possessive. The Imox can suffer from some temporary mental disorder, they are exaggerated and temperamental. They tend to fall into addictions, they are variable liars, they like confrontation, they are selfish, stubborn and some are playful. They can become cruel and sarcastic unless they find their balance.

Energy of the Day:

This day brings good energy to increase internal powers and the strength of the spirit. It is a day to give thanks for the rain and commit to maintaining and purifying the rivers, lakes and seas. It is also an auspicious day to calm the energies that affect us, especially those that are sent to us such as envy, hatred, and internal ones such as fear and indecision.


Architects, mathematicians, teachers, psychologists, sociologists, chiropractors, ecologists, artists, poets, orators, politicians, writers, spiritual doctors, and naturists.

Governing parts of the body:

The blood that runs in our veins, ganglia and genital organs.


Lizard, crocodile, shark and turtle.

Energetic places:

Rivers, streams and the sea.


Yellow, green and light blue

Related signs:

Imox, B’atz’, Ajmaq, Kame.

With these signs it has a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

Imox, Aj, No’j, Kan, Toj

With these signs there is a good relationship that without being deep or intimate, it is difficult to clash with them and sometimes there are good friendships or lasting relationships.