People born on the day Iq’ are fertilized before the sign I’x or B’alam and their destiny sign is Tz’i’. Those born in Iq’ are very spiritual people. They possess cosmic energy; they are spiritual doctors. They are impulsive, they frequently get sick if they do not offer to the Creator and Maker. They cannot develop their spiritual strength if they do not follow the good path and tend to develop negative energy.

The Iq’ is the breath of life and brings to those born on that day, an impulsive, untimely and changing force, fosters a strong character. Just as she can be the cutest person, in a minute she’s angry for no apparent reason. He has high mental agility and comprehension capacity. They develop a good memory and have positive energies. They are the best mathematicians, adaptable to any situation from which they normally profit. They are great manipulators; they manage people in a subtle or authoritarian way. Although they have timid traits, they face any crisis. They have the gift of words and a great capacity for convincing. They tend to be temperamental and in certain things they are obsessive and capricious.

Their main obstacle is their imagination, because it plays with them. Given their intuition, they confuse their presentiments and their fertile imagination, coming to believe that it is real. From one end of the string they unleash an entire movie, which puts them in difficult situations. Even knowing their faults, they do not give up.

If they channel their fertile imagination well, it will bring them much success, especially as writers of novels and storytellers. The ability and power of communication makes them great speakers.

The mind can be affected and the energy of the Moon has a lot to do with your moods. They go from elation or excitement to periods of stillness and withdrawal. It is also not far to enter into depressive states.

Favorable aspects of Iq’:

Of very pure actions. They adapt to any situation. Executives par excellence, they have the courage to face any crisis. Dreamers, merchants, with physical and mental strength, they catch divine visions. They have innovative ideas and futuristic vision. They can be counselors specially to solve mental problems.

Unfavorable aspects of Iq’:

Very strong character, temperamental and extremist thoughts. They are fickle, impulsive and bilious. They tend to be unfaithful. Impure, angry, violent and dishonest. They may suffer some social and economic problems in life. They are proud, vengeful, unpredictable. At times they are peaceful and at times they are imperative. Over the years they become stubborn. They believe they are always right and tend to depression.

Energy of the day:

Iq’ day is to give thanks for renewal, to give thanks for the good winds that feed our mind and purify us. It is also conducive to healing people with psychological problems, controlling passions, hatred and depression. This day our prayers to the Great Father are reinforced, as well as to develop the power of the mind. Good day to develop intuition and guide the power of thought.


Philosophers, mathematicians, singers, musicians, creatives, marriage counselors.

Governing parts of the body:

Respiratory system and throat.


Sparrow hawk and the hummingbird

Energetic places:

Snowy mountains, canyons and valleys.


White, blue and light blue

Related signs:

Iq’, E, No’j, Kej

With these signs it has a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

Iq’ I’x, Tijax, Kame, Tz’i’

With these signs you have a good relationship, which without being deep or intimate, can be lasting. With them you can build good friendships or love relationships.