People born before the Kame sign are begotten on Tijax day. Its destiny sign is the I’x. People who predict the future, the good and the bad. People who can be Ajq’ij, but they must be balanced. They are defenders, unleashes, clairvoyants, fortune tellers, intelligent and cunning.

They are delicate and wise. They have revelations. They are good with the good. Very nice people and have a lot of spiritual strength. People born in Kame will have a lot of magnetism, a force that induces them to power and fame. They have a strong propensity for leadership.

The person born Kame is protected by death, who will deliver her in accidents, assaults, any violent act and illness. To have protection they must maintain a good attitude and be sure of their protection. You should not show fear of death and it will help you. Death will manifest itself throughout his life, witnessing many fatal accidents.

Kame brings him a life with ups and downs. Also moments of suffering and moments of joy, strong changes, although he is deeply rooted in his convictions and traditions. He has to travel through the world, move from one place to another and not put down roots until he is older. The one born in Kame is marked with a suffering that drags from previous lives, although his magnetism will make him find good protectors. He will have a very intense life, with many honors, sometimes undeserved because the efforts of others will be awarded to him. In addition, he has leadership skills that, coupled with his people skills, make him very popular. Kame has a strong influence of the unknown, both internal and from other dimensions that protect him and help him throughout his life. It is good to remember and resume the projects of his ancestors, since he also comes to conclude what is halfway done. The darkness, manifestation of the unknown, gives him the power to solve mysteries. It gives you a clairvoyance and intuition that will make you famous. If he orients these gifts to the service of others, without profit or puffing up his pride, he will be a great seer and counselor. His fame will transcend borders.

In love, he is one of the luckiest signs, although unconscious, because on many occasions, he only seeks momentary pleasure, without stopping before the suffering that he can leave behind. Kame is a leader who often without understanding the importance of the purpose for which he was born, the same circumstances lead him to fulfill his mission. His greatest virtue is to give others what they need and he will always have words of wisdom to make them understand their destiny.

Favorable aspects of Kame

Intelligent, strong against enemies. He brings good destiny, fame will be close to people with fortune and power. Sign that develops sensitivity and protector of women. Spiritual Guide, cautious at all times. A lot of magnetism, charisma and leadership. He manages to have good life and comfort. He is protected by people who help him just by knowing him. Life throws you many trips.

Unfavorable aspects of Kame

Volatile in character, although they like to appear soft and understanding. They suffer a lot if they do not comply with their fines to Nature. They despise other people because many times they believe they are superior. To achieve their goals, they can be subservient. They have tendencies to lie to and infidelity with their partner. Sometimes they are very violent and vindictive. They can kill. If they get carried away by the negative, they are bad with the bad, stubborn and lazy.

Energy of the Day

Special day to have contact with the ancestors, to remove deadly diseases and accidents. To thank for the protection in travel, and for finding access to higher knowledge. On this day, communication with superior beings opens and there is access to the dimensional doors. Closing cycles, especially negative ones. End loving relationships that are exhausted. Also to end companies that do not work. Day to remove everything that hurts us and build a good destiny.


Financial administrators, advisers in every sense, especially economic, spiritual advisers, Philosophers, can be good administrators of justice. Spiritual doctors, merchants.

Part of the body that governs

Cerebellum, heart and genital organs.


The owl or owl

Energetic places

At home, in temples and ceremonial centers.


Yellow, orange and black

Related signs

Kame, B’atz’, Ajmaq, Imox

These signs have a true complementation and harmony, with them the best unions occur, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs

Kame, I’x, Tijax, Iq’, Tz’i’

These signs maintain a good relationship with each other, which without being deep or intimate, can be lasting, provides good friendships or love relationships.