People born on the day of Kan are begotten before the sign No’j. His destiny sign is Aj. Those born on the day Kan are strong in problematic situations. They are intelligent because they are fertilized on a No’j day. They are people with leadership, wise, influential in good and bad.

They are people who practice justice and sincerity. Travelers and leaders. They do not like to be in front, because they themselves take time to recognize their own value. They are energetic, good athletes of physical strength and great mental capacity, great readers and very good memories. discoverers and scientists. They are always informed of everything. They are thoughtful, willful and capricious. They are loyal to any test. They have a spirit of sacrifice for others, although they need to be recognized for what they do. His biggest obstacle is thinking too much and his ego. Weaknesses where they can be caught and handled. They are attached to traditions and to their family. They tend to live or depend on others. They like to be in the shade and protection from others. Although they are the brains, they need others to show their faces, because they don’t like to lose face and they justify everything.

They have a privileged intelligence and amazing knowledge. It is related to your conscious or unconscious ability to bring to light the information and memory possessed in the DNA. For this reason, it is very easy for them to interweave the information they possess and bring to light both new and old knowledge. They are very good with cyber technology, like they were born for it. They feel like a fish in water in this field and can make good fortune. They can make technology their best profession.

As children and young people they are very athletic and need to channel their energy more than anyone. They are distracted because they are always planning something. They don’t always do well in their studies, even if they can give classes to their teachers. In love they are lucky and always find someone to pamper and support them, which they need in a vital way. Although they are not exactly the most expressive in terms of showing their emotions, they are very aware of what they will say and want to look good.

They must learn to handle the strength and energy that sexual power mainly has, since for this reason many people will approach them and make them lose their way. Lovers of luxury and comfort, have drastic changes in life.

Favorable aspects of the Kan:

They can perform various jobs or professions. They are in good health. Influenced by the good, they act positively. They are knowledgeable, have a good memory, are intelligent and wise. They practice justice and sincerity at home and at any place and time. They are Aq’omanel, doctors. They know many arts and possess goods. Spiritual advisors, with a lot of energy and strength, athletic and cautious people. Tireless researchers, traditionalists, they achieve their objectives and are great catalysts. They transmute knowledge into wisdom, translate thought into action.

Unfavorable aspects of the Kan

They tend to live on the edge. They like extreme experiences, they are bilious and angry, envious. Sometimes they speak ill of others, they are proud, opportunistic, detailed, greedy, distrustful, exaggerated, they tend to depend on others spiritually and materially. They like to be pampered, liveliest, criticize everything and want to manage the lives of others. The person born in Kan is the last to believe in their abilities. They are always looking for someone to support them. They are always right and they come out on a white horse.

Energy of the Day:

Special day to increase physical strength, to develop inner fire and spiritual evolution. Day for the return of what was lost or forgotten, for the return of the loved one, for the reconciliation of couples, to ask for a partner, for sexual balance. Day in which the intentions and thoughts are put so that these come true. To thank our knowledge and wisdom.


Astronomers, scientists in different areas, planners, community leaders, politicians, thinkers, artists.

Governing body parts;

Nervous system, spine and genital organs.



Energetic places:

The beach, the mountains and starry nights.


Green and red

Related signs

Kan, Tz’ikin, Ajpu, Tz’i’

These signs have a true complementation and harmony, with them the best unions occur, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

Aj, No’j, Imox, Kan, Toj

These signs maintain a good relationship with each other, which without being deep or intimate, can be lasting, provide good friendships or love relationships.