People born on the day K’at are fertilized before the Ajmaq sign. Their destiny sign is E. They are sincere, orderly people, leaders, spiritual guides of the community and have a lot of energy. They are curious people, possessing great energy that allows them to overcome obstacles and themselves. Grandparents say they are prone to sin, willing to investigate, test pilots. They lend themselves to being guinea pigs. All this need brings them problems, although it gives them the experience to fulfill themselves as human beings. Their projects and plans are truncated or left halfway due to their scattered curiosity. When they learn to control and manage their emotions, they can do everything they need or want.

It is very important that you constantly analyze your lives and find a safe haven, a base. They usually obtain stability by finding their partner, on whom they will become dependent if they do not exercise their self-control. They have the maximum capacity to enjoy or suffer. This is a mental attitude that they develop in the search to satisfy their emotions through the senses.

They can be blunt in making their decisions and cut off their relationships. They were born to be loved, they have a very special physical or spiritual attraction that makes them desirable. Their biggest problem is focused on material aspects, which they must learn to manage. Greed and greed are the order of the day if they do not balance their energy in more human aspects, linked to a search for balance. Personal work with art is a good catalyst.

Your sign encourages you to have a neat and orderly image that does not reveal internal disorder. The limits between order and disorder are extreme, which can be easily touched. They can become obsessive with order. People who can easily suffer from nerves. So it is very dangerous to push them to extremes or torture them, because they can enter a crisis and sink into a depression. They should avoid meddling in the lives and problems of others, as well as avoid ruling other people, especially their family. This way they will have peace of mind and the ability to grow.

Being born in the K’at sign brings you a good star that will provide you with comfort and ease in accumulating wealth.

Favorable aspects of K’at

They outdo themselves with intelligence and acting crystal clear. They are orderly and studious. They can take on the responsibility of being spiritual guides or administering the law to good use. They know how to cast their net to achieve their goals, support others, solve problems that seem impossible to others. Women’s Empowerment Day.

Unfavorable aspects of the K’at

They are complicated, anything annoys them, conflictive, vengeful and they don’t stop until they see their enemy destroyed. They may face problems and difficulties in their life that can lead them to material jail. They get trapped emotionally and spiritually.

They can misuse the laws. If they do not have harmony and find peace or carry out their mission of destiny, poverty and disease can come to them. Prone to be bilious, nervous, stingy, insecure, proud and arrogant. They do not fulfill their plans. They do not take into account the feelings of others.

Energy of the Day:

This day is propitious to overcome fanaticism. It is the best day to undo tangles and problems. For propitious to build abundance, the fertility of women. It is a day to remove bad energies and influences, to untie the knots that bind us to vices, to fix emotional and love problems.


Scientists, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, intermediaries, administrators, farmers and planners. Tourism promoters.

Governing parts of the body:

ribs and nerves


lizard and spider

Energetic Places:

The sea and the jungle.


yellow and beige coffee

Related signs:

K’at, I’x, Kawoq, Toj

With these signs they have a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love and at work and in business, which last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

K’at, E, Ajmaq, Ajpu, Q’anil

With these signs he maintains a good relationship, which without being deep or intimate, can be lasting. They can build good friendships or love relationships.