Those born in Kawoq are brave, intelligent, noble, creative, community guides, fortune tellers, they predict the future. They are of good character, kind, calm, kind, loving, defenders of the rights of others. They receive messages in dreams and signals in the body.

On the Kawoq day, the wisdom for the management of medicinal plants should be thanked, because it is a day of energy, nature and the elements.

They are people who attract abundance, they never suffer from hunger. They have a great capacity for interaction and are accommodated in any situation or place, although they always long for home. They have a sense of accepting things as they come. There are traits of conformity in his personality, there is a tendency to obey but when he has power he has a good gift of command. They are not exempt from intrigues and they allow themselves to be carried away by gossip, because they care a lot about what they will say.

They live and act for their family, from which it is difficult for them to get rid of. They are good children and concerned parents. Although they have to learn not to live the lives of others, because they are always manipulating or imposing their vision, perhaps with good intention. They must learn to avoid the suffering of others.

They like to put things in their place, so they will not hesitate to report what they consider to be wrong. Tendency to go where they are not called. They show a great capacity when presenting their arguments, which are irrefutable, because of that provision, the responsibility for what happens falls on them.

They are friendly, bearable, their realization is in transformation, regeneration and they are catalysts, good communicators and exhibitors. The arts are not alien to them, this being a means to make a fortune.

In love they are respected although it is difficult for them to find their partner, in that sense they are conservative. They have problems with the couple if they do not break the dependence on the family, especially with the mother.

Favorable aspects of the Kawoq

They act intelligently, they are self-confident, they are noble and imaginative, observant and judicious. They are willing to give themselves to others, community leaders, they have no financial complications, fortune-tellers, they have the gift of speaking. They are responsible to the family. They receive good signals in the dream and the body, strengthen their knowledge and do not tolerate injustices.

Unfavorable aspects of the Kawoq

They go where it is not their business. They are intruders, confrontational, and haunted by problems. Sometimes they are also blamed for the bad that happens. They are people of incisive vocabulary and irrefutable arguments, with or without reason. Exposed to infidelity. They get divorced easily. They suffer from diseases if they do not exercise their spiritual work.


Ecologists, naturopaths, gynecologists, obstetricians, strategists, community leaders, politicians, mathematicians, they forecast destiny.

Governing body parts:

Heart and nerves.



Energetic places

Forests especially of pines and cypresses.


Green and blue

Related Signs

Kawoq, I’x, K’at, Toj

These signs have a true complementation and harmony. With them are the best unions, both in love and at work and in business, which can last a lifetime.

Harmonic Signs

Kawoq, B’atz´, Tz’ikin, Aq’ab’al, Kej

With these signs there is a good relationship without being deep or intimate. You hardly ever clash with them, and sometimes they form good friendships or lasting love relationships.