People born before the Kej sign are begotten on the Kawoq day. His destiny sign is Tz’ikin. Those born in Kej are advisers and intermediaries indicated to thank, ask for protection and spiritual strength. They are cunning, agile, hold very important positions. They are delicate leaders. They are the power behind the throne, guardians of nature, charged with preserving and renewing life. Great advisors with an analytical mind and extraordinary strength. They fall and get up as many times as necessary. They are reserved and do not like to broadcast their problems. They have a romantic soul and there are many bohemians in this sign.

Art is one of their greatest virtues, especially music and writing, they have the gift of words, with which they seduce most people. In general, they have a remarkable softness, both to present their ideas and to relate to each other, they are excellent diplomats, although deep down they have a strong character that they know how to hide very well. They appear submissive and are capable of anything to achieve their goals.

They are very in love and inconstant. However, they tend to keep their partner at all costs, since their word in matters of love is perhaps the only oath they respect. Usually they hang out with the wrong person, their relationships have a good dose of obsession.

As for fidelity, not all of Kej can be put to the test. Betrayal is a word that they know very well as victims or as artificers. Betrayal is present in his life in both ways.

They are very cunning, they will be good advisers and counselors. They have fortune-telling skills and a highly developed intuition, by which they should be guided, thus avoiding many problems.

The search for the truth is his best motive in life, which will be very intense. They must learn from experience so as not to suffer from the elderly. They are great psychologists; the depths of the mind are their downfall. They have to learn not just to be theoretical expositors. They must also seek a balance in practice, arising from experience. They are lucky and protected, they always find a new opportunity and manage to redeem themselves from their previous problems.

In general, they seek acceptance and are happy to climb the ranks both at work and socially. You must be very careful in business partnerships.


They are good advocates for other people. They seek harmony and balance. Of good feelings, protectors. They come to possess wealth, they are very lucky, they always find protectors. They are in good health. They are good spirit guides. They have value to execute social activities. They are strong, intelligent and responsible, positive and successful. They are balanced in their marriage. They are harmonious, sensitive people, with artistic gifts. Protectors of the family and the community. They are strong and defined when they make up their minds.


They stand up for other people, but they can’t stand up for themselves. They can do evil with their thought. They have a strong character and are very angry. They have an affectionate, calm outward appearance, but inwardly they are very compulsive. They like fame and power. They are captivating, authoritarian and manipulative. They like comfort. Reserved, very responsible, strong, demanding, foolish, vicious, in love, taken advantage of and carried away. They like to sink and crush others. They easily get sick of the feet and hands. Complicated mind, carried away and impulsive. They like the role of victims. They can be masters in the art of deception. There is a good number of these characters, some with more or less fame, it is difficult for them to be discovered or protected by people who believe them.


Harmony with nature, balanced with the elements. Avoid betrayal to build harmony. It is a good day to develop the arts and strength of character and important life decisions. Find balance in love. Connect with your inner being. Good day for reconciliation especially with oneself. The energy of the day is conducive to developing internal powers, such as intuition, vision and revelations in dreams. Day to balance instability.


Good at social sciences, justice administrators, psychologists, mathematicians and businessmen, writers, analysts and researchers. Instructors, counselors, especially personality, diplomats, promoters of social events and protocol.


arms and feet


The deer and the coati


Forests, mountains and places with trees.


beige and yellow


Kej, E, No’j, Iq’

These signs give them a true complementation and harmony. With them there are the best unions, both in love and in business. are the me best friends for life.


Kej, B’atz, Tz’ikin, Kawoq, Aq’ab’al

These signs are those who have a good relationship without being intimate. It is difficult to have a clash with them, sometimes there are good friendships or permanent sentimental relationships.