People born on the day No’j are conceived before the sign Toj and their destiny sign is Kan. Those born in No’j have qualities of wisdom and intelligence. They are aq’omanela’ (person who is dedicated to medicine) dreamers, brave, prudent, possessors of good body signals. They have good character, are understanding in marriage, good students and face justice. The nobility gives way to power, it is their greatest test. Day that also governs studies, human sciences and studies of the mind.

In love it is one of the most noble and persevering signs. They are faithful by nature, they like calm relationships and give their partner enough space. Although conservative in nature, they break with tradition, are forward-thinking and fight for them. They are idealists and dreamers; their biggest problem is coming down to reality. They don’t realize when they want to hurt them because they are extremely trusting.

They were born to promote changes, transmit security, intuitive and prophets of the new way of life. Although they are not comfortable, they do not get complicated, they adjust to what fate has in store for them. The clarity of being and the search for the deep mark their existence, if a word defines them it is knowledge.

They are great seekers of their truth, tireless researchers, avid readers. They find in art their way of communication and expression of what they cannot convey with words. They need to transform the discourse of others and bring out personal learning. Less intellect, more action guides his life. Its development will occur by transforming knowledge into wisdom.

Favorable aspects of No’j

They are merchants, prudent, studious and good artists. They are great defenders of justice. Her spirit is lifted by music and the arts. They are very creative, noble, idealistic and romantic. His most notable characteristic is service to others and great concern for the elderly and children. They tend to protect the needy.

Unfavorable aspects of No’j

Being so sincere, they can hurt, they lack cunning to achieve their goals. They are very conceited and proud, heavy to act, very sensitive, angry, imposing, arrogant, individualistic, have infidelity, liars, talkative and inflexible. Very rigid structures. They depend on someone else.

Energy of the day:

The energies of No’j promote a very good day to feed the mind, increase memory, to ask the Sacred Ceremonial Fire. Thank the signs in the body and harmonize relationships, have clarity, and especially, to transform knowledge and experiences into wisdom.


Artists, doctors, creatives, humanists, counselors, mathematicians.

Parts of the body that governs

Brain and pineal gland


Coyote and woodpecker.

Energetic places

Tropical forest and cold forest, lakes, mountains and clouds.


blue and light blue

Related signs

No’j, E, Iq’, Kej

These signs have a true complementation and harmony. With these the best unions are given, both in love and at work and business, which can last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

No’j, Aj, Imox, Kan, Toj

With these signs there is a good relationship without being deep or intimate. It is difficult to have a clash with them, sometimes they give good friendships or enduring sentimental relationships.