People born on the Q’anil day are fertilized before the Ajpu sign and their destiny sign is Ajmaq. Those born in Q’anil are very intuitive people in love and knowledge, but they are influenced by any element. They are responsible. They have the opportunity to travel. They have qualities for social activities. He has a lot of spiritual strength.

The Q’anil has a life with changes. Being a cyclical sign, it is at the mercy of changes, which are not unexpected, but manifest throughout life. It is a sign that loves tranquility and security, which it needs for its life to be complete and not to suffer much.

He usually has children at an early or older age. Not necessarily because he is the sign of the seed, he has many children and his temperament makes him overprotective of them. Your job in life is to learn to let others be. It is a sign that, as well as giving protection, needs to be protected, and usually needs this security to submit to any situation. His struggle in life is to believe in himself. Have faith and dare to do things that can give you satisfaction, even if it is not within your canons. It should not be taken more seriously than necessary.

Q’anil is a sign of creativity, it is a sign that brings information about life. An ancestral and intuitive knowledge, which, like a germinating plant, searches deep down for its roots, then rises to the surface and seeks the heights. Everything is step by step and in due time, patience, although you have it for others, you must learn to apply it in your own life. Don’t push yourself or be your harshest critic, learn to accept yourself. Every stage of life is important to your self-esteem. Remember that each person is responsible for his life, this responsibility cannot be entrusted to someone else, especially his partner.

The information that it possesses is like a seed contained in oneself and it only needs the right space to develop. It has the information of genetic experience and universal memory. It is convenient to look for it in reading and especially in environments that relax you, such as forests, lakes or rivers. It is important to meditate, concentrate and search in dreams for the memory of your previous experiences.

His adaptability is extraordinary. Its greatest virtue is that everything you start will have guaranteed success, as long as you are patient and the plant is watered. He possesses large amounts of love and affection that he needs to transmit. He is a good advisor and administrator.


They are good for sowing, planting, to thank the good germination and fertilization on Mother Earth. Very fertile, responsible and harmonious. Good advocates for other people. They have material wealth. They are intelligent, emotional and successful. They are protectors of children, of the less fortunate, they always seek to help the helpless. Good consultants to plan projects, because they are very clear about what to do. They are curious and look for new possibilities with a strong and determined character. Clear thinking people and develop a strong mindset. They are very smart.


They think they are superior to others. They are proud, fearful and self-conscious. He weakens in any situation because he lacks strength and determination. Selfish, they work for themselves, they are surrounded by lies and slander. They talk bad about other people. They foster enmities and discord between people. They have a tendency towards alcoholism and mental disorders. They can get into situations outside the law. Of negative and depressive thoughts. They are never satisfied with anything.


It is a day to start any love or business relationship, to plan and project the destination, especially our life project. Good day to thank for the children, the children and the future of humanity. Good to reconquer, resume what was left unfinished. Especially what gives us happiness, but by being aware of the economic part we have abandoned. Retake what is believed to be lost, especially friendships or affective relationships.


Farmers, philosophers, mathematicians, gynecologists, project managers, artists, ecologists, herbalists, publicists.


Genital organs, sperm and ova.


Rabbit, crops and plants.


Forests, rivers, lakes and high ground.


Grey, white and green.


Q’anil, Aj, Tijax, Aq’ab’al

These signs give you a true complementation and harmony, with them the best unions are given, both in love and in business. They are lifelong relationships.


Q’anil, E, Ajmaq, Ajpu, K’at

These are the signs with which there is a good relationship, without being intimate. You hardly have a clash with them. Sometimes they become good friends enduring relationships.