People born on Tijax are conceived in the Tz’i sign and their destiny sign is Kame. Those born in Tijax are protectors of justice, they cure incurable diseases, they are brave, tireless, very good with the good guys. They are delicate, possessing very good ideas and great talent, rational on the one hand and intuitive, imaginative and dreamy on the other. Judicious and fair, although drastic, they are easily offended and can end a relationship of years in a minute, being very blunt.

Good students, they acquire fortune by their own effort, inheritance or union. They are great healers, with a lot of power in their hands, doctors, especially extraordinary surgeons. In love, it is difficult for them to manage their relationships because they do not like to formalize them and when they take that step, they generally look for a submissive person, since their character is very dominant.

They achieve power, fame and have a very good heart. Although traditionalists, they are open to new proposals, especially in the mystical area, having many experiences throughout their lives.

They like luxuries and the good life everything they fancy, but they like to share, they are humanists. They give value to the things of the mind, they are leaders or have responsibility at an early age. They can be long-suffering and vindictive. They are the ones who make and give offerings for serious health situations. They suffer from illnesses, accidents, lawsuits, gossip and have to pay or offer to avoid receiving a fine. They are leaders, they are intelligent, go-betweens in any situation, and good at public relations.

Positive aspects of the Tijax:

Optimistic in difficult life situations. Good, strong, they do not let themselves be defeated in the face of adversity. Collaborators, connoisseurs and practitioners of human love. They do not like to act violently, they can be Ajq’ij ‘, spirit guides. They are good friends, possessors of good body signals. They interpret the signs of the Sacred Ceremony and dreams. They are seers, collaborators, humanists, intuitive, forecasters, honest, spiritual and rigid. They take other people’s problems as their own, normally they do not get carried away by passion. Tireless workers. Strict in the line of duty. They are generally in good health.

Unfavorable aspects of the Tijax:

They are angry and bilious. Sensitive, delicate, they tend to be vengeful. Bad with the bad. They can make bad friends and act violently. Given to suffer slander. Proud, they always want to be right and come out victorious. Sometimes they lose good jobs because of their drasticity. They can have lovers. They don’t have much of a family. They are blunt in their decisions, especially the sentimental and labor ones.

Energy of the day:

Day to give thanks for health, cure difficult diseases, to remove enemies and negative energies. Day to break negative relationships, undo societies. It is also a day to thank our intelligence and increase our memory. This day cuts off anything negative and what prevents us from our well-being. Good day to develop revelations in dreams. Also to communicate with the ancestors and with the wise of other dimensions for their knowledge and special powers.


Mayan doctors, healers, surgeons, gynecologists. Warriors, politicians, analysts, strategists, justice administrators, good advisers. Traders, brokers and writers.

Parts of the body that governs

Teeth, nails and tongue


Swordfish, owl and toucan.

energetic places:

Cliffs, waterfalls, caves, caverns and lightning storms.


white, red and black

Related signs:

Tijax, Aj, Aq’ab’al, Q’anil

These signs have a true complementation and harmony. With these the best unions are given, both in love and at work and business, which can last a lifetime.

Harmonic signs:

Tijax, I’x, Iq’, Kame, Tz’i’

With these signs there is a good relationship, without being deep or intimate, it is difficult to clash with them, and sometimes there are good friendships or lasting sentimental relationships.