TZ´I ´

The person born on a Tz’i’ day is fertilized before the sign Iq’. His destiny sign is Tijax. Those born in Tz’i’ are good advisers, they possess the virtue to intercede, correct and untie a person who falls into complications, especially those who become addicted or vicious and who violate divine laws. They are balanced people. They have a great commitment to achieve balance and social justice.

Their norm is to apply justice, however, this is their own justice, since they consider that they are here by divine mandate and apply their own laws. They are good secretary, they are faithful, kind, fair, strong, delicate, long-suffering, agile and strategist. Nothing escapes them, because they need to control everything. They have good hearing, sight and smell.

In love they are desired, they can be very tender and romantic. They have many adventures and are good lovers. In older age they can be left alone. If they marry early, they usually separate in middle age. It can be said that they are lucky in love when they control their temperament, which suits them because they are very homely.

In their unfavorable characteristics, those born on the day Tz’i’ can be proud, bilious and manipulative, they only see their benefit and do not mind betraying or passing over anyone in order to achieve their goal. They always have to go well and they don’t mind pinning their fault on others.

Great writers, they have a great facility to communicate. They are idealists and their best performance is in community work. They are responsible as employees and very good administrators, although they do not stop getting into trouble because of their ideal of justice, which is actually their own justice.

Sometimes they are blunt and when they make a decision it is difficult to back down. They have an adventurous spirit and are always looking for the ancestral, their family lineage is what is most important. They need to know their origins to understand their current situation in life. They can grow a lot spiritually. They are very good at cutting negative energies. They can bring benefit and prosperity to the community, although they must learn to value themselves.

Their greatest test is pride and by defending their word they are capable of reaching the ultimate consequences. They are very fertile and will have several children, not just their own, because throughout their lives they will have many people who will depend on them.

Favorable aspects of Tz’i’

They are Ajq’ij or spiritual guides, they handle material and spiritual laws. Very noble, they practice social justice. They have a lot of peace and spiritual faith. They are kind and happy. They are researchers and discoverers of great secrets. They have detective spirit. Worshipers of divinity. He has to protect and take care of his family all his life. They are good fair and balanced.

Great thinkers and writers. Applied at work or profession. Good administrators and executors. They have a variable temperament, but in essence they are calm and warm. They have a sharp mind. As lawyers, economists or administrators they are very good. They are intermediaries and good merchants, because they have credibility.

Unfavorable aspects of Tz’i’

They want to be their own authority under their own rules. Sometimes they are unbearable, angry, they can like gossip and spy, because they need to control and feel insecure. They tend to be unfaithful. If they are not taken care of they can become vicious, especially alcoholics. They may be little accepted by others. They do not have their own judgments, foment enmities and discord between people. They can commit acts contrary to the law. They can be vindictive and destructive. They think about their pleasure; they do not like to be criticized. They lend themselves to dirty business.

Energy of the Day:

It is the day to solve legal problems, thank divine intervention in any type of problem. Day to intercede for known people who have complications, especially legal ones. Day to thank a good orientation in life. To guide the destinations of the community. To change the course, we take individually or as humanity. Day to cut relations, especially those of unfeasible businesses. Also to correct and end addictions, especially alcohol.


Mathematicians, educators, doctors, lawyers, good secretaries, community leaders, discoverers, researchers, magistrates and auditors.

Parts of the body that governs

Brain. Energy of the mind and intuition.


The dog and the coyote

Energetic places

The mountains, the beach and nature


yellow, white and beige

Related signs:

Tz’i’ Tz’ikin, Ajpu, Kan

These signs give you a true complementation and harmony. With them the best unions are given, both in love and in business, they are friends for life.

Harmonic signs:

Tz’i’, I’x, Tijax, Kame, Iq’

With these signs there is a good relationship, without being this intimate, it is difficult to have a clash with them, sometimes there are good friendships or lasting relationships.